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Lindsay Hey - Director - Artist

Lindsay started to paint when living in Papua New Guinea in the early 70’s and continued painting as a second occupation until 1993 when she embarked on a serious commitment to her artistic development. In the mid 90’s she started art tutoring and in 1996 established the Lindsay Hey Art Studio. This was incorporated into the Quad Art Studio/Gallery in the Arts Centre of Christchurch in 2001 and developed into the Arts en Vogue Gallery in 2004.

Her works are always colourful as she finds colour helps her recognise form and its exuberance quite simply makes her happy. Rhythm and form are particularly important to her for without them she finds a work to be passionless. The rhythm and patterning of land where it meets the sea and sky are of particular interest. Her paintings are often somewhat whimsical, and there is often a deal of non verbal communication between the figures (usually women) she draws.

The subject matter in Lindsay’s work is wide and varied, ever changing and developing; she also accepts commissions.

Her works are overt. Look and enjoy.

Lynnette Stoddart - Director - Artist

A background in architectural drafting and an intense interest in the form and vibrancy of flowers together with an admiration for the works and style of Georgia O’Keefe are the major influences for Lynnette’s work. She works in acrylics and one of the subjects she explores is large format flower paintings.

Lynnette has an extensive knowledge of art materials and processes from working as a senior consultant in an art supplies shop.

She was a founding partner in the Quad Art Studio in the Arts Centre of Christchurch before establishing the Arts en Vogue Gallery with the other directors in 2004.

Neil Hey - Director - Ceramics

Neil’s involvement with clay developed during the 90’s and in 1999 he left behind his career as an Architect and principal in an Architectural practice to pursue his passion for pottery. Galleries throughout NZ were selling his work and he expanded this base and joined 2 pottery co-operatives in Christchurch. He joined with the other directors in setting up the Arts en Vogue Gallery in 2004.

Form, colour and attention to detail are features of Neil’s work, developing from his architectural background, his natural ability in building things and his interest in chemistry which has flowed into a passion in the use of coloured glazes and different methods of firing. Much of his work is reduction fired in a gas kiln and he is also a salt glazer, with raku firing another of his specialities.

Anne Woollons - Stone Sculpture

Ann has a BFA majoring in Sculpture from UOC. Her artwork is many facetted as she experiments with varied media. The Gallery exhibits her stone sculpture and she also works in wood and fiberglass, photography and pastels. Her sense of humour often generates quirky sculptures.

She has exhibited in Group Exhibitions and her own Solo Shows.

Frederika Ernsten - Pottery

Frederika has been a potter since 1964. She is noted for her thrown functional ware with resist decorated glazes as well as work in porcelain.

She has work in many private collections, museums and galleries, including embassies in Brussels and Tokyo, works presented by Christchurch City Council to HM Queen Elizabeth II in 1993 and sister City Kurashiki in 1998, and has received several merit awards in exhibitions.

Gary Arthur - Wood Sculpture

Gary is a sculptor in wood and stone. His sculpture is mainly figurative, but he works in a wide variety of styles and subjects. He also designs and makes 'art furniture', often with a human hand as a holding device. Commissions carried out include a 5 metre wide mural for Peat Marwick building Wellington, a functional sculpture for the Robert McDougall Art Gallery and stone sculptures for the Christchurch City Council.

Jane Smith - Artist

Jane is a watercolour artist. Her quirky sense of humour is reflected in her whimsical portrayal of generously proportioned folks and their everyday activities. Her ability to capture the humour in ordinary situations is often greeted with laughter as viewers elate to he colourful artworks.

John Keith Reed - Water Colour Artist

John has a Diploma in Fine Arts from the University of Canterbury. He is regarded as one of New Zealand’s leading watercolour artists. The subject matter of much of his work is urban and rural scenes from New Zealand Italy and Britain, from which he develops extraordinarily descriptive and evocative images with his skilled use of the watercolour medium. His works are displayed in galleries in New Zealand and around the world and has been presented to President Bill Clinton, Prime Minister Clark and former PM Shipley

Justin Galligan - Wire Sculpture

Justin makes three dimensional sketches in copper wire. Treating a piece of wire as a line in space, he uses copper wire to draw in three dimensions, outlining a form to be completed in the mind of the viewer. His life size feminine forms are woven from over 200 metres of individual wire strands into a structurally sound form. The viewer becomes a voyeur of the captured moment as the posture of the figure evokes an emotion.

Maureen Watson - Artist

Maureen is an artist working with water colours and acrylics. She has developed her artistic career from her initial training as a window display artist and signwriter. The changing seasons in Canterbury provide her with inspiration in subject, colour, texture and harmony.

Sharyn Ley - Pen and Ink Sketches

Sharyn trained as a graphic designer and from this developed her detailed style as an illustrator. While most of her illustrations are in pen and ink, she also enjoys drawing in pencil and charcoal, and is incorporating watercolours into some of her works. She carries out commissions, most of which have been private residences.

Yi Ming Lin - Ceramic Sculpture

Yi Ming is a ceramic sculptor with a Diploma in Ceramic Art completed at Otago Polytechnic in 1996. He was born in Taiwan and completed a BE in electronics before emigrating to New Zealand in 1994. His handbuilt work is based around expressions and interpretations of the human form.

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